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Do you Have the “Guts”


The other day I received a note about a class action settlement that I was included in.  The settlement was idiotic and offered me no benefit.  It was a waste of time to fill out the forms to be in the settlement. 

However, it was not a waste of my time to write back explaining why I would not be in the settlement.

I joked to one of my friends that my rejection of the settlement letter would probably mark me as a “dissident” and I did not care.

My motivation and drive to express myself out weighed any false impressions or impressions that others may have of me.

Can this help you in overcoming your shyness?  Can your desire to express yourself outweigh your shyness? 

I know that if you are shy you are lacking the confidence to speak up.  The blunt way to say that is you lack the guts to speak up.  You lack the guts to say what you mean.  You lack the guts to stand up for yourself.  You motivation to express yourself is outweighed by your fear.

This may sound harsh but you know it is true. 

Living your life in fear is harsh.  It is also cruel to yourself.  What will people think of you if they actually get to know you?  No one knows because you do not let people get to know you.  You are motivated by your fear. 

Isn’t there something you truly believe in?  Isn’t it important for you to speak up?  Yes and you do not. 

Can you get real with yourself and experience that motivation.  Can you inspire yourself? 

Yes you can.  See how now.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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Always a privilege to hear from you.  This blog is for you.

 Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Face Your Fear

scan0013.jpg  I googled “shy”.  There were some sites about shy dogs.  It seems that shyness can be a problem with some dogs.  Shy dogs are not socialized.  They may be fear biters. 

So I thought about fear and shyness.  Fear is there.  It definitely plays a part in shyness. 

Fear is overwhelming.  It is also paralyzing.  It is rampant.  It makes you feel like…………

It can take over.  Face your fear.  Confront your fear.  Make your life serene. You have the power.

This is a photo I found that expresses fear.  Looks like there is some confusion also.  Fear and confusion can be together. 


 You don’t have to feel like this.  You do not have to see saw between fear and confusion.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Still Shy?

scan001320.jpg  I just had a thought.  Perhaps you are shy and you are not able to overcome your shyness.

 Maybe you have multiple issues.  Are you also experiencing depression? 

Or perhaps you are procrastinating in dealing with your shyness.

Maybe you feel you lack confidence.

There are answers for all of these issues. 

Take a look and see if there is help for your issues.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach 

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Will I Outgrow Shyness?

scan00136.jpg  Que stion from Red: 

I have been shy since I was 5.  I remember feeling like I should not say anything.  I remember feeling afraid to say anything.  In class I never raised my hand.  If I was called on I would barely be able to answer.  Iwould turn red and feel queasy.  At around 15 I felt a little more comfortable about answering in class but not much.  Now I am 19 and I still feel shy.  Will I outgrow this feeling of shyness?


Red, I do not want to be the bearer of words that you do not want to hear.  However, your question deserves an honest answer.  You can outgrow certain types and levels of shyness.  You can go through a phase where you are shy and out grow that. 

What you have expressed to me is not a phase.  Shyness is in your nature.  If you want to overcome your shyness you will have to work at it.  You can not take a passive approach and hope you will outgrow it. 

There are ways to do this.  You can seek the help of a therapist.  You can also consider medication.  You can work on this on your own.  You can get my report to help you with this. 

Whatever, choice you make if you want to overcome your shyness you need to take action.  Waiting will not help.  As a matter of fact waiting may only reinforce your shyness and make it more difficult to overcome it. 

Make a decision and take action.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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