Quit Whining


I am a kind person.  Shy people contact me and tell me about their struggles.  I am empathetic.  I am caring.  I am sympathetic.  But am I being helpful?

Perhaps it is time I told you to stop whining.  Perhaps it is time I told you to either do something about your shyness or just live with it and stop obsessing over it. 

Perhaps it is time I told you that the complaining, whining, obsessing, and the “I can’t help myself attitudee” is over.  I don’t want to hear about it anymore.  Perhaps it is time you sang a new tune.

Perhaps those close to you are tired of hearing your laments.  Aren’t you tired of boring people with your problems? 

Most of all aren’t you tired of it?  Aren’t you tired of missing out?  Aren’t you tired of turningg people off?  Aren’t you tired of the suffering?  Aren’t you tired of the struggling? 

How tired are you?  How displeased are you? 

Take some action.  Let others know there is another side to you.  Dispel the myth you created about yourself.  Stop hiding.  Blossom.

Get help now.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach



  1. sarahjane said

    hey i know ive tried everything to get over my shyness and im just tired of being shy …i have lost friends vbecause of it and its just really hard

  2. Hello Sarahjane,
    I ma sure you have not tried EVERYTHING. Friends don’t dump you because you are shy. They may find it difficult doing things with you or communicating with you if you are shy. But friends look for the best in each other and try to overlook the things that bug them.

    I would say the people you are calling friends are probably not. Perhaps the people you are choosing for friends are not for you.

    Whenever you feel down one way to feel better is to help someone out. Become a volunteer. Help yourself by helping someone else out. Try it.


  3. Confidence said

    I enjoyed reading this

  4. marcia siegel said

    Dear Tyler,
    Glad you enjoyed reading this. Sometimes the truth can be harsh and sometimes we need to hear it.

  5. rosie said

    thats easy for you too say. we do not choose to be shy and struggle with life. we do not choose to load of our problems on others, we know the CORRECT things we should do, but we’re SHY, so cannot. saying get over it…..simply does not help at all.

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