Break Free


 ” Throughout my life, my friends and folks have offered me advice. And though they meant the best for me, it often wasn’t nice. They would always say my plans were just more crazy schemes. And every time I listened, I let them steal my dreams. I guess they feared, in case I failed, that I really shouldn’t try. So I never spread my wings and never learned to fly. But they’re just folks who only see the world the way it seems, and I am no longer going to let those people steal my dreams.”
Author Unknown


 — Submitted by Ruben Chambers — Texas
I know that there are many people out there that want to do so much more. Deep down, they know that they are capable of accomplishing their dreams but sadly it is the mediocre minds that bring them right back down. I just want to let people know to go after them! Don’t let the dream stealers bring you down.


Is this you?  Are you stopped by what others say?  Break the bonds of other people’s influence.  Be yourself.  Do what you wantYou can overcome your shyness.

Marcia, Your confidence Coach 


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