Virgina Tech Tragedy

scan00137.jpg   For the past few days I have felt sad.  The reason for this sadness is the tragedy at Virginia Tech. 

There were many reports that Cho Seung-Hui who killed and wounded many was shy.  Please do not think that under any circumstances am I implying that shy people are potential killers. 

Cho suffered from many things and shyness was one of these things.  Being shy can be severe and cause suffering.  It does not go away by itself. 

There is no shame in being shy.  Being shy hurts you in ways people that are not shy probably can not understand.  People that are not shy have a difficult time understanding what it means to be shy and how it can impact your life. 

If you are shy you may be hurt by people who do not understand what you are experiencing.  This can be frustrating because you want to explain yourself but you can not.

It is important for you to understand that you can do something for yourself.  Caring and understanding from others is nice but that will not help you overcome your shyness.  It may help you feel better at the moment but it will not be lasting.  What will be lasting is for you feel better about yourself.

If shyness is truly impacting your life and hurting you please visit here.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach 


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