This is not about religion.  This is about spirituality.  Spirituality means you believe in an existence of something or someone that is greater than yourself. 

How can spirituality help your shyness?  It can help incredibly.  If you can believe that there is an existence of something beyond yourself then you are on your way.  This belief means that you are not alone in your struggle with your shyness. 

If you are an atheist this will be a challenge for you.  If you are an atheist then consider any miracles that have happened in your life.  Perhaps you have a logical, scientifical explanation for these miracles.  But isn’t there a nagging thought in the back of your mind about these miracles?  Isn’t there something missing in this logical, scientific, explanation?  And if you created these miracles why can’t you create them any time you need them or want them.  There are mysteries in the world. 

You do not have to be are religious person to be spiritual person.  All you need is the belief that there is something greater than yourself. 

Either way spirtual or not there is help to overcome your shyness.  Don’t wait.  Do something good for yourself now.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach 

PS  Drop me a line about your shyness progress.  What has worked for you?  Where are you stuck? 


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