Grow Up


  by: Anthony de Mello, SJ, One Minute Wisdom
“The trouble with the world,” said the Master with a sigh, “is that human beings refuse to grow up.”

“When can a person be said to have grown up?” asked a disciple.

“On the day he does not need to be lied to about anything.”


This is a very simple, short story.  Yet it is profound.  What do you lie to yourself about? Do you pretend that being shy is not stopping you?  Do you lie to yourself and say being shy is not that bad when in truth it is getting you down?  Do you lie to yourself about being shy and say you will deal with it another day and you don’t?  Maybe you can’t do this on your own and you lie to yourself about that. 

Please remember that these questions are for you to consider.  If you are being honest and your shyness is there but not an inhibitor then good for you.  But if you are like most  shy people then maybe it is time to grow up.  Maybe it is time to stop fooling yourself. 

if you are ready to become an adult then read on. 

 Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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  1. I really liked your short, profound story. Keep up the good work.


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