Do you have a Choice


A Recovering Pessimist’s Story  by: Emily Anne
Tonight my mother and I were driving down the road. She was speeding unintentionally as she often does. Now you can guess what happened next. She got pulled over. My mom was really embarrassed. She lives in a small town, and this could cause quite a bit of talk. Anyway, she was stressed and she snapped at me. I was extremely upset. Her comment had really hurt me, after all I was just trying to help.

Now, all you optimists out there are always saying things like “Oh, you can choose to be happy… it’s all in attitude and your mind…” Never seemed to apply to me. Tonight however, I learned the reality. Mother’s comment didn’t really hurt me any. It was understandable, and she was stressed at the time. Meant nothing. I chose to be happy. I like to think of myself as a “recovering pessimist.”


This is a rather simple story.  Yet it is a deep story.  The same things probably happen to you over and over.  You react the same way over and over to these things.  The end result is you feel hurt, discouraged, frustrated, depressed, lonely and confused.  You just can not seem to see your shyness in  a new light. 

Can you actually “choose” to overcome your shyness when it stops you?  I believe you can.  “Choose”to  check out this report.  Make the choice to get help with your shyness.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach 


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