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Still Shy?

scan001320.jpg  I just had a thought.  Perhaps you are shy and you are not able to overcome your shyness.

 Maybe you have multiple issues.  Are you also experiencing depression? 

Or perhaps you are procrastinating in dealing with your shyness.

Maybe you feel you lack confidence.

There are answers for all of these issues. 

Take a look and see if there is help for your issues.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach 


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Speak Out

scan001320.jpg  If you like this blog tell someone about it.  A personal referral is a compliment to me. 

It does take some work for me write a post.  Yes I am selling a product also but this blog is here whether you purchase a product or not. 

So once again if you like this blog tell someone and do something nice for me.  Doing something nice for someone else is a good way to show your humanity.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS Have the confidence and courage to recommend this blog.  

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Make your Shyness Smaller


I hope you have enjoyed reading the personal stories.  I am not a shy person.  Therefore, I like to include stories about experience, strength and hope from people that are or were shy.

I can also relate to these stories because I have felt shy in certain circumstances.  Some people do intimidate me.  Sometimes I have found these people scary with good reason.  Other times I just feel like I should not do too much talking around these people.  It could be that I have an instinctual response.  It may be that I feel we are not on the same wavelength.  It may be that their tone is not conducive to me wanting to share with them. 

I have not spent a lot of time analyzing this because I usually avoid these people.

So my question to you is do you experience this when you feel shy?  Do you get the impression that certain people are not the type you want to be around?  Perhaps this is not shyness but self preservation or self protection.

This week end may be a good time to analyze your shyness.  Perhaps you can eliminate some things that are not related to shyness.  Then you can make your shyness smaller and really work on it.  BIG PROBLEMS – BIG SOLUTIONS –  BIG WORK.  SMALL PROBLEMS  – SMALL SOLUTIONS  – SMALL WORK

Make your shyness smaller and work on it.  Help to do that is here.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Shyness a Personal Story


 This is someone’s personal experience with shyness.

“Center of Attention”
by Kevin Rhea

During high school I attended a weekly church class that was held informally in a family’s home. It was a group of about 15 kids, one girl was pregnant, a few kids were into drugs, and the rest were as “normal” as teenagers can be. While I dreaded going, usually it was OK due to the informality. I would speak when asked a question and was always interested in what others thought.

One week the leader (a priest) announced that class would be in the church along with some other class groups. About 40 of us were standing around in a circle and the priest chose me for a demonstration. He asked me to hold a wooden chair out in front of my body as long as I could. I performed the task and he timed me.

Next, I was to repeat the task and everyone was to cheer me on. “Come on Kevin,” “You can do it” they shouted. I was very uncomfortable being yelled at and being the center of all this attention. I was grateful when my arms gave out and could let the chair rest back on the ground.

The priest looked at his watch and seemed puzzled. He stammered some words like “The time is shorter, it is suppose to be longer….”. He did not know what to say. I did not know what to do. The demonstration was ruined. The rest is a blur.

It seems the point of his demonstration was to show how teamwork, encouragement, and supporting others could really help accomplish a task. I was suppose to hold the chair longer when people were cheering me on — much longer. Instead, I could not wait to let the chair drop and be free of all this unwanted attention.

I have reflected on this moment many times over the years. Obviously the priest assumed that everyone needed the same kind of encouragement and cheering on. He did not recognize that people have different natures.

Looking back, I would say that for a sensitive person, mine was a normal reaction. The kids were not cheering me on because they wanted to help me; they did so because they were told to. No one asked me how I would like to be helped. No one even asked me if I wanted to do the demonstration. Perhaps the chair would have seemed lighter had these been true friends wanting to help me in a meaningful task. Perhaps a more sensitive group would have asked me if I wanted to do the demonstration and what kind of cheering on would be best for me.

When true appreciation and support are present, I am more open to both giving and receiving and even enjoy being the center of attention.

This true story demonstrates the principle that You are not like everyone else.

Stories tha t Transform Shyness

Copyright 1999 by KeviN Rhea   All Rights Reserved.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Extra Income – Read E Mails

scan001316.jpg  I found a great part time job.  You can do this any time by yourself at home.  You get paid to read e mails.

THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK.  You do not pay to do this.  THEY PAY YOU.

You select the topics you want to read about.  The e mails are on a website so they will not clutter up you in box. 

The income could be your rainy day, spare change fund. 

Check it out.

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Break Free


 ” Throughout my life, my friends and folks have offered me advice. And though they meant the best for me, it often wasn’t nice. They would always say my plans were just more crazy schemes. And every time I listened, I let them steal my dreams. I guess they feared, in case I failed, that I really shouldn’t try. So I never spread my wings and never learned to fly. But they’re just folks who only see the world the way it seems, and I am no longer going to let those people steal my dreams.”
Author Unknown


 — Submitted by Ruben Chambers — Texas
I know that there are many people out there that want to do so much more. Deep down, they know that they are capable of accomplishing their dreams but sadly it is the mediocre minds that bring them right back down. I just want to let people know to go after them! Don’t let the dream stealers bring you down.


Is this you?  Are you stopped by what others say?  Break the bonds of other people’s influence.  Be yourself.  Do what you wantYou can overcome your shyness.

Marcia, Your confidence Coach 

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True Story from a Shy Person

scan001313.jpg   I found a great post for you by Gary.  He describes himself as shy.  He discovered a technique that helped him.  Please read about his experience.

If you are ready to free yourself please visit here.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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