The Power of Words


You are shy. That is a personality trait.  That is also a label.  Certainly there are some positive attributes to shyness.  You know about those and they are a part of you.  Of course there are some negatives aspects to shyness and of course they bug you. 

One of those negative attributes is that you do not say what you want to say.  You have something you want to say but you clam up.  For whatever reason you can not get the words out.  That is because you are shy, which is a label.  

Here is a thought to consider.  What is the label was changed to honest instead of shy?   What if you clammed up because you could not be honest?  How does that change the picture for you?

Now you are probably thinking you are an honest person.  You are probably thinking, “I am not a liar.”   But are you honest if you do not say what you believe and feel?

That is the power of words.  Replace shy with honest and the circumstances change.  Next time you call yourself shy replace that word with the words, “I am honest.”  See if now you can say what you want to.    See if now it is easier to say what you want to. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach



  1. whig said

    As you pointed out on my blog, the internet allows an honest person to stand up to liars without being bullied into submission. This is why many people are shy about expressing themselves in other places.

  2. you can be anonymous on the internet. and you can be less inhibited. that is certain. and yes you can use the interent as practice for learning conversation. only it is different in real life.
    for me personally i am more reserved on the internet because my words are permanent and without expression and body language i am not sure how people interpret them.

  3. whig said

    I think I’m the opposite in some ways, feeling that my expression and body language are far less comfortable to use because I am not always conscious of how I am affecting people.

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