Casper and Bailey


Doggie World

I have two dogs, Casper and Bailey.  I love them to death.  They are my pals.  I enjoy being with them.  I also  love to observe them.  With two dogs there is an interaction.  I get a kick out of watching them interact. 


Casper is the newer edition.  I had Bailey for a a couple of years before Casper came along.  Casper is also smaller than Bailey but they are both small dogs.  When we brought Casper home and he was a tiny, tiny puppy my daughter was worried.  She was worried that Casper would be nervous in his new home.  LOL.  Casper came home and took over.  Casper was not a shy dog even when he was teenie, tiny.  Even when he entered a new environment with a Top Dog already there.  Casper was going to take over and do what he wanted to do.  He was not shy.

Bailey is different than Casper.  Bailey is shy.  When people come over she does not run to interact with them.  She prefers her solitude.  When Casper first came she even ignored him.  Casper, a dog,  who is not shy did not give a hoot.  He went over to Bailey and nudged her, kissed her, encouraged her and soon Bailey came out of her shell.  She started to interact with Casper.  Meeting Casper changed Bailey.  Bailey is more out going now especially with other dogs. 

The relationship with Casper and Bailey is like two pals.  Casper picks on Bailey with love.  Bailey pretends to be annoyed but she loves Casper.  She really likes him to say to her, “C’mon Bailey, play with me.” 

So what does all this have to do with shyness?  A lot.  You know all  those people like Casper that keep asking you to come and play with them?  Stop pushing them away.  They can be the key to getting out of your shell.  They can prod you on to enjoy your life.  Interacting with them can give you a freedom, liveliness and enthusiasm. 

It’s Friday.  Don’t reject that friend that wants to do something with you this week end.  Go ahead and do something with them.  Pretend you are Bailey and they are Casper. Have some fun.  Lighten up.  Open your heart.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS You do not have to be shy.  Get on the path to transformation

  Bailey and Casper


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