Can You Be Outgoing



Many employers like to hire someone who is outgoing. If you are shy you are probably not outgoing. Why do employers prefer an outgoing personality? Here are some answers.

Outgoing” is displaying positive personality traits. People like being around other people who exhibit these traits. In the work place personality can appear to be more important than skill. At work being pleasant to each other makes life a good deal easier for everyone. Your mannerisms and the way you say things have an effect on other people. If you make others uncomfortable, then they want to be around you less. If that is true, you may be not the applicant a company wants to hire. If you decide you like a given job, look like you are enjoying it. Try to help others, say positive things about other people.

Outgoing” is a more friendly / assertive attitude that requires you to INITIATE actions with other people and set the tempo as to how the conversation goes. It also invites others to be friendly back to you. If you’re not outgoing, then there’s plenty of other jobs for you. But if you’re in retail and deal with the public, then employers look for qualities in that kind of employee that will generate sales and customer satisfaction. So it pays to at least be able to be minimally outgoing, – even if it’s not your first personality trait.

If you are an office assistant you’ll probably need to be answering phones, and they’d probably rather have someone “outgoing” do it.

If you work with the public, you need to be outgoing. No one likes to go into a place and have to deal with someone who doesn’t talk and keeps to themselves. I work with the public….all of us in this office make the day fun both for ourselves and for the customers. If they came in and we were all introverted, they wouldn’t like to deal with us.

Basically if a person is outgoing it means they’re extroverted. They like socializing and interacting with other people and they enjoy new challenges and new situations. Obviously, not everyone is an extrovert so the key is to find a balance that works for both you and your employer(s). Employers like hiring extroverts specifically because they’re going to be easier to work with, and also they’re generally better people to have in customer service.

Outgoing can mean, relating well with other people in the company which is important for the work environment. Outgoing people also will take initiative and be more motivated.

It seems the deck is stacked. Employers as well as employees want to be with the outgoing. Do not despair. Even if you are not outgoing you can “pretend” to be outgoing.

With a little preparation you can appear outgoing to your co workers. All you have to do is prepare and practice. Prepare light conversation topics. For example –

  • The weather

  • TV shows

  • past jobs

  • family life

  • hobbies

  • sports

  • vacation plans

  • something you appreciate about your company

  • something you appreciate about a co worker

  • describe a positive work experience

Use your imagination. Keep it short and simple. Then excuse yourself as you have to get back to work.

If you are getting nervous just thinking about this I have an alternative – your own on line business.

Check this out and see if it is right for you. Your own home business may be a good choice if being outgoing at work is not in the cards for you.

Let me know how it goes.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach



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