Party!! Party!! Party!!


You are feeling shy.  You have been invited to a party.  You want to go.  You want to enjoy yourself at this party.  But what will you say if someone speaks to you???

Study topics of conversation.  current events, movies, food and restaurants, music, hobbies, TV shows, important events in your life, share what you enjoy doing, brief description of your job.  If you have a special interest add this to the list.

Smile.  A smile is attractive and attracts other people.  A smile makes you feel relaxed and is a sign of friendliness and warmth to others.

Let the other person do the talking.  Listen to what they are saying.  Respond to what they are saying with a sentence that will keep the conversation going. 

Compliment someone.  Everyone loves a compliment.  

Tell a joke.  Everyone likes to laugh.  Humor is  a great conversation tool. 

Share yourself.  If you are planning to do something or you just did something talk about that. 

Ask questions. 

Have open body language. 

Introduce yourself.

Show interest and enthusiasm.

Dress appropriately.

Take a friend with you who can be your personal cheer leader. 

Relax and take deep breaths.

Practice these things with a buddy.  Practice these things in front of the mirror.  Tape record yourself and see how you sound. 

Attend that party.  Relax and enjoy yourself. 

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Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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