The Magic Answer

I bet this attracted your attention. If it did I am sorry. I do not have a magical answer for you to overcome your shyness. I am not a magician and we all know magic is illusion. You cannot snap your fingers and whisper a secret incantation and your shyness will be gone. The world would be a different place if that was possible.


The truth is there is not magic answer. The truth is you have the power and ability to overcome your shyness. It is inside of you. You are the one that has to be motivated to overcome your shyness. Your mom, your dad, your best friend, your significant other may all be motivated for you to overcome your shyness. They may be a wonderful support system. But it in the end it is all within you.


You know this. You probably do not want to accept this. Why? Because it is hard. Because sometimes you like being shy? Because it is you. Because you don’t have the time. Because nothing works. Because, because, because. There are always reasons why you can’t or won’t be able to do something. Isn’t there always a reason why you can and want to do something? Why are you focusing on the negative? I don’t really know why. Maybe you don’t know why. If that is the case let’s forget that question. Let’s move on to doing something if it is important to you. Let’s move on to doing something not because it is the right thing to do or someone says you should do it. Let’s do it because it is important to you.


I am not going to provide a tip today. Actually I may not have many more tips. Tips are useless if they are not put into action. Knowledge is important but if you do not apply it what value does it have to you? I f you do not apply it then it is just a piece of information in your head. Why bother to spend the time to learn something if you will not use it?


We all know there is a process. There is a thought, an idea, a plan and an action. Somewhere you are stuck. Find out where it is and get unstuck. No one else can do it but you.


Marcia, Your Confidence Coach




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