Are you in Recovery?


Recovery is an interesting process to me.  The definition states two possibilities about recovery.  One is to go to a better state or condition and the other is to go to a former state or condition. The concept of recovery involves a comparison.  It involves a “then” and”now” condition.  It involves a “before” and “after”condition.  The big point here is that the “now” or “after” condition will be better than the “then” “before” condition.  In order to grasp your recovery you have to understand how it was for you before recovery and how it is for you after recovery.  When you are physically sick with the flu it is pretty easy to access your recovery.  With the flu you had symptoms that probably made you feel miserable.  After the flu these symptoms were gone and you felt much better.  You recovered from the flu. 

But what about shyness and recovery.  Here we get into a tricky area.  People that are working on overcoming their shyness report something very interesting about their recovery.  They report their progress. They tell me the steps they are taking to deal with their shyness.  Some are really working hard and making huge progress.  They are behaving as if they are no longer shy.  Their actions are those of someone who is not shy.  Here comes the interesting part.  They still feel shy.  They still think of themselves as shy.  Despite their progress, despite their recovery they still label themselves as shy. 

Why is that?  I think it is part habit.  Recovery from shyness is a conscious, dedicated choice.  It is a new behavior to not act shy.  This new behavior may feel “funny” to you.  So you engage in this new “fuuny’ behavior and you check in with how you feel.  It is difficult to access your recovery because you feel “funny”.  I am going ask you to replace the word “funny” with different.  Think about how that would change how you feel.  Now you feel different not “funny.”  Isn’t that what recovery is about?  Isn’t recovery about feeling different? 

If you think hard you will begin to see different is actually better.  Before your recovery there were many instances where you felt nervous, self conscious,  discouraged.  Now there are less instances where you feel like this.  There are probably more instances where you feel excited.  Isn’t this what recovery is about?

Access your symptoms.  Access your new behaviors.   Notice your recovery progress.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

  • definition of recovery
  • the regaining of or possibility of regaining something lost or taken away.
  • restoration or return to health from sickness.
  • restoration or return to any former and better state or condition.

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