Are you Chicken


I changed the theme of this blog.  I like the new theme.  It is very clean and eye appealing. How do you like it?

No photo today.  My computer is being reformatted. 

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Everyone will be writing about Valentine’s Day so I have chosen to skip it.  I am actually not fond of the holiday.  It creates misery for so many people.  I have a sweetie so I am not bitter.  I am also not romantic.  I am a practical person.  If my birthday falls on a busy day I would re schedule for a less busy day.  I had an ulterior motive for this.  The tradition in our family is that birthdays are celebrated excessively with utmost attention.  When it is your birthday the other immediate family members have to do anything you ask for 24 hours.  If it is a busy day you could miss out on that 24 hours of devotion. 

Valentine’s Day is slooshy to me.  My belief is you better love me and show it more than one day of the year.  As a matter of fact you can mess up just as long as the love, kindness, appreciation, caring is around most of the time.  Besides if my sweetie is so wonderful on Valentine’s Day then I may have to raise my standards for the rest of the year.  That can only lead to disappointment.  My sweetie loves Valentine’s Day.  So we have to celebrate it.  But we will re schedule it if we are too busy or stressed or tired.    So back to are you chicken?  If you are shy you are afraid from time to time.  However, I am not asking if you are chicken when you feel shy.  I am asking you if you ever asked yourself if you are chicken to give up your shyness.  I know you would rather not be shy in certain situations.  I also think you believe that you will have to stay shy.  Suppose I told you that you do not have to stay shy.  Would you believe me?  Are you too chicken to imagine your life not being shy? I am asking you this question in all sincerity.  A while ago I was not feeling my personal best.  A friend asked me what my life would look like if I was feeling better.  I did not have an answer.  I was puzzled.  Then I thought about how my life would look if I was feeling better.  I was not happy with those thoughts.  Why?  Because I did not believe my life could be better.  It was bad.  Any time I thought about how my life would look if I felt better I snickered.  I could not accept.  I was chicken to make my life better.  Once I figured that out I felt better.  I realized that refusing to believe that my life could get better was because I was afraid of doing what I had to do to make it better.  I was chicken. 

So are you chicken when it comes to doing something about being shy? If you are then learn from my mistake.  Don’t cover up being chicken with rationalizations and stalls.  I took a look at myself in the mirror and I saw I was chicken.  I took another look in the mirror and saw I could stop being chicken. 


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