Overcome Shyness Can you Handle the Truth?


I have been in contact with many shy people via e mails.  I am probably going to say something here you will not like.  I know this will be an unpopular position.  I know this will probably annoy many shy people.  However, I must say it.  I must tell you the truth if you are to overcome your shyness.  I am not afraid to tell you something important and valuable.  I have the confidence to say something here that you may not like.  The reason being I want to help you overcome your shyness.  I do not want to encourage your shyness.  I do not want you to believe that you are helping yourself by doing this.  I want you to know that by doing this you are tricking yourself. 


Chatting with people online will not help you overcome your shyness.  Chatting with people on line is great.  You may get support.  You may enjoy it.  You may even meet great people.  You may get great tips and ideas.  Keep doing it.  I am not asking you to end any online chats or friendships.  All I am telling you is that this is not the way to overcome your shyness.  This is a way to meet people, get support, get tips, and enjoy yourself.  However, being shy has to do with face to face contact.  You need to get out there and talk to people in person.  Perhaps you are building confidence talking to people on line.  That is great.  Now test that confidence in a face to face situation. 


You can use my product in the privacy of your own home.  You can learn how to deal with the face to face situations.  Give it a try.




Marcia, Your Confidence Coach




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