End Shyness Now – A Serendipity


I am a football fan.  I am a Broncos fan.  I live in
Colorado and they are my team.  So what does this have to do with overcoming your shyness?  I experienced serendipity because I am a football fan.  What the heck is serendipity and what does this have to do with overcoming your shyness?  This is the definition for serendipity.


an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.



good fortune; luck:


I do not believe I have “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries” as definition one states.  I did make a discovery.  I did make this discovery by accident.  Here is what happened. 

One day I went to a meeting.  This meeting does not have the same people attending every time.  There are usually new people attending.  I had been lazy that week and I did not wash my clothes.  I wanted to attend the meeting which was on a Sunday.  It was a Sunday the Broncos were playing.  I looked in my closet and sighed.  I did not have any clothing I wanted to wear.  All my good clothes were dirty.  I wanted to look good.  I wanted to go to the meeting and I knew I could not go naked.  So I had to pick something to wear to the meeting.  It was getting late and I had to make a clothing selection or I would miss the meeting.  There in my closet was one of my many Bronco outfits.  You know the typical football clothes.  The sweat shirt and the matching pants attire.  The one in blue and orange with the words “Broncos” written all over it.  I did not really want to wear this but it was clean and time was running out.  So I wore my Bronco fan clothes to the meeting.   

Here comes the serendipity.  After the meeting people came up to me and started talking to me.  Why?  They were football fans.  We talked about football, the Broncos etc.  I met new people because of my clothing.  My clothing advertised an interest I had and that attracted people with the same interest.   

This could be something you can try.  This could be an ice breaker for you.  This could be a way for you to meet people.  This could be a way for you to meet people with a common interest.  When you meet people with a common interest you feel more comfortable talking to them.  Go ahead and try this.  Let me know what happens.This is just one way to overcome your shyness.  There is an effective whole package to overcome your shyness.  Join my free newsletter.  There is a whole world out there waiting to meet you.  What are you waiting for? 


Marcia, Your Confidence Coach



  1. Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!

  2. thanks rebecca. has this ever happened to you?

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