End Shyness Now Are You Stuck


I have been seeking personal experiences from people that are shy.  Many people have been writing to me.  One thing I hear over and over is this.  It seems that being shy puts you in an endless, circular loop.  You want to meet people but you are too shy.  You are too shy to go out and meet people.   

So what can you do?  You can stay in your loop.  You can give in to not meeting people because you are too shy.  You can continue feeling these feelings and feel sadder and sadder.   


You can break out.  You can get out of the loop.  How?  That option is up to you.  Make the effort.  Do it even though you feel uncomfortable.  If you think back you did things in your life that felt uncomfortable.  Yet you did them anyways.  Maybe you felt you had to.  Maybe you felt you had no choice.  You were unable to avoid doing them.  If you got through those times when not start to use this same plan to get through your shyness.  Many people have written to me that they did overcome their shyness. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?


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